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TechImagine, Inc and Neocova partnering for the future.

Neocova and TechImagine, Inc celebrate Launch of Neocova Core Cloud Banking in USA.

Alex Rosal, CEO and Chairman of TechImagine, Inc. has been appointed as Strategic Board Advisor for Neocova, to leverage his broad experience in the International Banking and Finance space.

Neocova is dedicated to delivering the best technology to banks to do what they do best, while removing the stresses of managing complex systems and complicated contracts. By eliminating these industry barriers, financial institutions are able to operate more efficiently, effectively and securely.

TechImagine, Inc and Gurpo ASP and Ventanilla Facil successfully Go-Live in Mexico.

Techimagine Inc, has successfully implemented and deployed the Solution for Remote Banking POS to enable  Group ASP and Ventanilla Facil in Mexico, to deliver a robust financial services platform across multiple locations. 

This has been possible thanks to  SFC/FTPOS application and Wizar POS payments platform.